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A large part of our income is spent on investing in our residential or commercial properties. Hence, it is only fitting that one should prolong the value of the property by adequately protecting it from harmful weather conditions and damage from other entities. Paint is the most economical way to do so. If done correctly, it can protect as well as increase the value of your hard-earned investment. Hence, hiring a professional painter is necessary and cost-effective in the long run. Our experienced painters at have the expertise and knowledge to mix paint in a way that it applies correctly and protects the surface. Furthermore, our experts will find the correct colour combination that highlights the beauty of your living space. We also understand the importance of a full-service contractor. Hence, with us, you can get all your home renovation needs to be covered under one roof with our quality services for tiling, floor laminate, and vinyl installation.

We Value Safety

Founded in 2004, by Jon (the owner of Jon painting Ltd), operates will the sole aim to provide a smooth customer experience. Hence, safety is our first priority. Our team has the right equipment and follows the right procedures to get your needs covered in the safest possible way. Contact us to benefit from our free estimates and senior discount. We also operate round-the-clock to address your needs at the earliest.

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